Wireless earbuds iPhone Gadgets to Try

Top iPhone Gadgets to Try

Owning an iPhone opens up a world of exciting gadgets to enhance your experience. Whether you’re looking to improve your photography, boost productivity, or simply enjoy some cool tech, there are plenty of options. In this article, we’ll give you the top iPhone gadgets to try.

iPhone Gadgets to Try

iPhone Camera Lenses

One of the top iPhone gadgets to try is an external camera lens. These lenses can dramatically improve your photography. You can find lenses for wide-angle shots, macro photography, and even fisheye effects.

  1. Wide-Angle Lenses: Perfect for capturing landscapes or large group photos.
  2. Macro Lenses: Ideal for detailed close-up shots of small objects.
  3. Fisheye Lenses: Great for creative, circular photos with a unique perspective.
iPhone Camera lenses

iPhone Gadgets to Try

These camera lenses are easy to attach and can take your iPhone photography to the next level.

Portable Chargers

Portable chargers are essential iPhone gadgets to try if you’re always on the go. They ensure your phone never runs out of battery, especially during long days or trips.

  1. High-Capacity Power Banks: Provide multiple charges for your iPhone.
  2. Slim Power Banks: Easy to carry around in your pocket or bag.
  3. Solar-Powered Chargers: Great for outdoor adventures where you might not have access to electricity.

Having a reliable portable charger means you can keep using your iPhone without worrying about battery life.

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are another must-have iPhone gadget. They offer the convenience of listening to music, making calls, and using Siri without dealing with tangled wires.

  1. Apple AirPods: Seamlessly integrate with your iPhone and offer excellent sound quality.
  2. Beats by Dre: Known for their bass-heavy sound and comfortable fit.
  3. Jabra Elite: Great for fitness enthusiasts with secure fitting and sweat resistance.

Wireless earbuds provide a hassle-free audio experience, making them a top iPhone gadget to try.


Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular as an iPhone accessory. They can track your fitness, display notifications, and even make calls.

  1. Apple Watch: The best smartwatch for iPhone users, offering deep integration and a wide range of features.
  2. Fitbit Versa: A great alternative focused on fitness tracking and health monitoring.
  3. Garmin Forerunner: Ideal for athletes, with advanced tracking features for running and other sports.

A smartwatch is a versatile iPhone gadget that can enhance your daily routine.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are perfect for enhancing your audio experience. They allow you to play music loudly and clearly from your iPhone.

  1. Bose SoundLink: Known for their superior sound quality and durability.
  2. JBL Flip: Portable and waterproof, great for outdoor use.
  3. Sony SRS-XB: Offers extra bass for those who love the powerful, thumping sounds.

With a Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy your favourite tunes anywhere, making it a top iPhone gadget to try.

Phone Stands and Holders

Phone stands and holders are practical iPhone gadgets that improve your phone usage experience. They can help you watch videos, make video calls, and use your phone hands-free.

  1. Adjustable Phone Stands: Perfect for watching videos or using FaceTime.
  2. Car Phone Holders: Essential for using your phone’s GPS while driving.
  3. Magnetic Mounts: Easy to attach and remove, providing a secure hold for your iPhone.

These stands and holders are simple but effective gadgets to enhance your iPhone experience.


There are numerous iPhone gadgets to try that can enhance your device’s functionality and your overall experience. Whether you’re interested in improving your photography with external lenses, staying powered up with portable chargers, or enjoying music with wireless earbuds, there’s a gadget for every need. Smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, and phone stands are also fantastic additions to consider. By exploring these top iPhone gadgets, you can make the most out of your device and enjoy a range of new capabilities.