How to Use Apple's Screen Time Feature

How to Use Apple’s Screen Time Feature

Apple’s Screen Time feature is designed to help users monitor and manage their device usage, set limits for app usage, and promote healthier digital habits. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Screen Time on your iOS device:

Setting Up Screen Time

  1. Access Screen Time Settings:
    • Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
    • Scroll down and tap on “Screen Time.”
  2. Turn On Screen Time:
    • Tap on “Turn On Screen Time” if it’s not already enabled.
    • Select “This is My iPhone” or “This is My Child’s iPhone,” depending on whose device it is.
  3. Set a Screen Time Passcode:
    • If prompted, set a Screen Time passcode. This passcode is separate from your device passcode and is used to manage Screen Time settings.

Understanding Screen Time Features

1. Screen Time Dashboard

  • Overview: The Screen Time dashboard gives you a summary of your device usage for the day.
  • Insights: View insights into your screen time habits, including time spent on each app, pickups, and notifications received.
How to Use Apple's Screen Time Feature,

How to Use Apple’s Screen Time Feature,

2. App Limits

  • Set App Limits: To limit usage for specific app categories or individual apps:
    • Tap on “App Limits” in the Screen Time settings.
    • Choose “Add Limit” and select the app category (e.g., Social Networking) or specific app.
    • Set a daily time limit. Once the limit is reached, the app will be unavailable unless you grant additional time.

3. Downtime

  • Schedule Downtime: Set a schedule for when you want to step away from your device or limit usage to essential apps:
    • Tap on “Downtime” in Screen Time settings.
    • Turn on Downtime and set the start and end times. During Downtime, only apps you choose to allow and phone calls will be available.

4. Always Allowed

  • Allow Specific Apps Always: Choose which apps are always accessible, even during Downtime:
    • Tap on “Always Allowed” in Screen Time settings.
    • Select apps you want to allow access to at all times.

5. Content & Privacy Restrictions

  • Manage Content Restrictions: Control access to explicit content and restrict certain features and settings:
    • Tap on “Content & Privacy Restrictions” in Screen Time settings.
    • Enable restrictions for apps, web content, purchases and downloads, and privacy settings like location services and contacts.

6. Screen Time for Family

  • Family Sharing: If you’re a family organizer in Family Sharing, you can set up Screen Time for family members’ devices and manage their usage remotely:
    • Go to Settings > [Your Name] > Family Sharing > Screen Time.
    • Tap on a family member’s name to view and manage their Screen Time settings.

Using Screen Time Insights

  • Review Usage: Regularly check your Screen Time usage to understand how you spend time on your device.
  • Set Goals: Based on insights, set goals to reduce screen time or increase productive activities.
  • Adjust Settings: Modify App Limits, Downtime, and Always Allowed settings based on your goals and habits.


Apple’s Screen Time feature provides powerful tools to manage and monitor device usage, helping users maintain a healthy balance between screen time and other activities. By setting limits, scheduling downtime, and reviewing usage insights, you can foster better digital habits and prioritize what matters most to you while using your iPhone or iPad. Screen Time is a valuable tool for individuals and families alike, promoting a mindful approach to technology use in today’s digital age.