How to Use Android's Digital Wellbeing Features

How to Use Android’s Digital Wellbeing Features

Android’s Digital Wellbeing features are designed to help users maintain a healthy balance with their devices, offering tools to manage screen time, track app usage, and promote digital wellness. Here’s a guide on how to use Android’s Digital Wellbeing features effectively:

Setting Up Digital Wellbeing

  1. Access Digital Wellbeing:
    • Open your device’s Settings.
    • Scroll down and tap on Digital Wellbeing & parental controls.
  2. Dashboard Overview:
    • The Digital Wellbeing dashboard provides an overview of your device usage for the day, including screen time, notifications received, and more.

Managing Screen Time

  1. Set App Timers:
    • Tap on Dashboard.
    • Select See your data under the app usage section.
    • Tap on an app to view usage details.
    • Set a daily limit by tapping Set timer and selecting a time limit for the app.
  2. Wind Down Feature:
    • Helps you prepare for bed by gradually turning your screen to grayscale and enabling Do Not Disturb.
    • Set up Wind Down by tapping Bedtime mode in Digital Wellbeing settings and following the prompts.
How to Use Android's Digital Wellbeing Features

How to Use Android’s Digital Wellbeing Features

Promoting Healthy Notifications

  1. Manage Notifications:
    • Tap on Dashboard.
    • Scroll down to Notification received.
    • View which apps send the most notifications.
    • Use Manage notifications to adjust notification settings for individual apps, reducing interruptions.

Using Focus Mode

  1. Activate Focus Mode:
    • Focus Mode allows you to temporarily pause distracting apps.
    • Tap Ways to disconnect in Digital Wellbeing settings.
    • Set up Focus Mode and choose which apps to pause when activated.

Checking Device Usage

  1. View Device Usage:
    • Use the dashboard to see how frequently you unlock your device and which apps you use most.

Additional Tips for Digital Wellbeing

  1. Bedtime Mode:
    • Automatically activates Do Not Disturb during your set sleep hours.
    • Reduces interruptions and promotes better sleep hygiene.
  2. Grayscale Mode:
    • Temporarily switch your screen to grayscale to reduce visual stimulation and encourage limited use.
  3. App Timer Extensions:
    • Override app timers for the day if needed, but use this feature mindfully to stay within healthy limits.


Android’s Digital Wellbeing features provide powerful tools to help manage device usage, reduce distractions, and promote healthier digital habits. By utilizing these features effectively, you can enhance productivity, improve sleep quality, and maintain a balanced relationship with technology. Regularly review your Digital Wellbeing dashboard to track progress and adjust settings as needed to align with your personal goals for digital wellness.